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Simchahs With Diskin
Bar Mitzvah with Diskin

Simchahs with Diskin

The Simchas with Diskin Project is all about celebrations – those special, landmark events that grace our lives. For a family that has suffered the tragedy of losing one or both parents, these events are particularly meaningful. The long-yearned-for day brings with it the joy of achievement but always accompanied also by the ever-present pain of loss.

When a "Diskin child" has a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah, an aufruf, a sheva brachos, or any other celebration, Diskin provides top-quality, luxury catering, in any venue that the orphan’s family chooses, at no cost to them. Because at Diskin, we believe that it's not enough just to give the boy a bar mitzvah, to give the girl a sheva brachos – These are "our" children, and we need to give them an event that's just as nice as everybody else's. An orphan has felt all too different all his life; we need to ensure that he will not feel different on his special night. Thanks to Simchas with Diskin, his celebration will be truly joyous, and as elegant as the celebrations of all his friends.

Simchas with Diskin offers the opportunity for orphaned children and teens to celebrate the joyous moments of their lives in an atmosphere of elegance and good taste, without the heavy burden of expenses that usually accompanies such events. Of course, as always, this is accomplished with utmost care and respect for the privacy and dignity of the recipients. Simchas with Diskin is an invaluable resource at those times when a smooth-running home, nutritious meals, and clean clothes are simply not enough to make an orphan feel “normal.” When he needs a little something more – once again, Diskin is there.