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Quality Dentistry and Eye Care

In Israel, most health care is highly subsidized. But there are certain vital areas -- such as dental care and eye care -- that tend to fall through the cracks. Because not all aspects of dental and eye care are covered by standard healthcare plans, and because these treatments entail considerable expense, some families consider them luxuries and postpone dealing with them, sometimes for years. But a child whose teeth or eyes are not cared for may suffer pain, may not do well in school, and may not develop normally.

For years, Diskin has been providing free, high-quality dental care for children whose teeth might otherwise be neglected. (Of course, untended dental problems only grow and become more complicated.) Recently, the Israeli government has begun to pay for dental care for children, but they don’t pay for certain types of treatments or for more complicated anesthesia. In these cases, Diskin continues to step in to cover the costs, ensuring that every "Diskin child" gets the dental care he or she needs. We also pay for dentistry for older children, whose dental needs are not covered by the government. We at Diskin know that the opportunity to preserve one’s teeth is every child’s right.

The “OR - Bringing Light to Healthy Eyes" Project encompasses all aspects of eye care for orphans and for children from underprivileged families. Thousands of such children and teenagers are currently participating.. “OR” gives them the opportunity to maintain good eye health. When necessary, it provides solutions and high-standard medical care for vision problems, regardless of the cost.

Ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians, departments of welfare, departments of education, and local community boards all participate in this efficient and highly successful program organized by Diskin. Every case is given immediate attention – and always in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere.